DEMOANGELO BLUE WIL - beyond every wall the love -

DEMOANGELO BLUE WIL - beyond every wall the love -

150x120x110 weight 2,300 Mixed media. 2020   

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150x120x110 weight 2,300 Mixed media. 2020   

It represents a silver angel, with 3 wavy horns, in the guise of a woman. 

The DEMOANGELI series is part of an installation commissioned by the L.G.B.T. movement and Ass. Pride Vicenza to shed light on the limits of the concept of couple or human interaction not commonly expressed. Exhibited for one week in February 2020 at Piazza delle Erbe in Vicenza, featuring a unique work by Salvador Dali'.  Event that has enlivened critics and press.

The energetic heart is composed of six main forms of expression: Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding and Ardor. Intertwined with each other, these six behaviors constitute the essence of the energetic heart and when expressed in daily life allow it to perform its function as a portal to our deepest self, the soul. Every boundary becomes invisible but is as persistent as a transparent wall that separates people. Until there is freedom of thought, a limit imposed by society, we could never fly over this wall.

Each Demonangelo was made on real, living models. The installation is represented by 3 women and 3 men representing good and evil: the two essences that move the world like light and shadow and like full and empty.  Each triad is composed of 2 women supporting a man and vice versa for the second triad, that is 2 men supporting a woman.  The four figures that are below the 2 winged figures that touch each other on the other side of the wall are to represent the push, the path to get the wings. Here the two winged figures are the result of the path of research that led them to meet over the wall, thus giving each other the possibility to fly beyond the limits and all imposed preconceptions.

The male triad has been sold and is now part of a private collection.

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