Patty's Art Gallery, a contemporary art gallery, is the window that allows you to face your audience and discover new gems.

In an art market that is moving towards digitalization, Patty's Art Gallery guarantees you that authenticity and security, that selection and care that only those who truly love the field know.

For this reason, those who are looking for original works or want to reach the right audience take us as a reference. Also, to consolidate great collaborations and partnerships overseas, in related fields.

That's why we select contemporary artworks that reveal this passion and denote a relevant talent and path. Here, you'll find avant-gardists and creative reporters, but also designers of myths and literature, sculptors who enchant matter, and much more. The name "artist" contains many souls, and in Patty's Art Gallery we have the task of revealing them with delicacy or clamour, depending on the energy they possess.


As you scroll through the gallery's works, many of which are national and international exclusives, you will discover cycles of public outcry, dreamlike sculptures or design creations (featured in the innovative Luxury Items section).


In order to give to artists an even stronger voice, Patty's Art Gallery goes one step further, in an exciting new project: Patty's Events.

In this project, as you can easily guess from the name, you'll find all the initiatives that involve artists in order to make them better known to the international public.

In Patty's Events, the events come to life, the works travel to their admirers and the artists can finally find the best welcome.


With an eye on the market, an ear to the collectors' demands and the artists' needs, Patty's Art Gallery finds the best solutions in a widespread precarious artistic situation. Targeted solutions.


Patty's Art Gallery's services are aimed at both artists and art lovers, investors and collectors. 

for artists

In particular, you will have:

  • a dedicated display, with works and space reserved for your artistic career. An opportunity to be better appreciated and remembered;
  • - the possibility of being highlighted on the homepage, so you will be noticed immediately;

  • a personalised campaign on social channels (Instagram, Facebook) to gain even more visibility and receive the contacts that count;
  • - interviews and articles to highlight you in print and digital media, to reach a wider audience;

  • - certificate of the work authenticity and assessment of its market launch price;
  • participation in group or solo exhibitions;
  • measurement of progress and monitoring of sales;
  • sales assistance.

For any requirement and to outline the most suitable plan:

Services for art lovers,
investors and collectioners

On Patty’s Art Gallery:

  • you can choose, evaluate and request information about the work directly from the platform;
  • - through the images, the details, the words of the artist, through a personalized consultation, you can satisfy your tastes and choose the work that best fits in your environment. To evaluate the best solution, on request we will bring the work directly to you, to dispel any doubts. You can replace or return the work within 14 working days after receiving it;

  • - the work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the author and the editions (photographs, prints, etc.) are all numbered and authenticated by the artist.
  • you have a wide choice of extraordinary works with different price ranges.

When you already have in mind what you want, there is only one thing left to do:


Since it opened, Patty's Art Gallery has always made customer care its prerogative. The attention that you already find here. Here, where the experiences of the director and founder of the gallery Patrizia Stefani develop into a concrete project: an online display of support.

Many artists told her their stories and the difficulties they encountered in moving into the art world, how their hopes faded into uncertainty and how they asked her for advice. Patrizia Stefani, for her part, knows the mentality and dynamics of the industry and knows how to help you reach your goal without wasting time and money.

Patty's Art Gallery, therefore, was created to act as an intermediary between artist and collector, and vice versa. She closely follows the negotiations and advises you on the best solution and strategies to follow in the real and digital world. 


Tenacious and down-to-earth, Patrizia Stefani is the creator of Patty's Art Gallery.
She breathed the sparkling air of the art world in her cradle. Then, she decided to follow her father's footsteps, owner of an artistic ceramics company, by attending art school.She discovered her entrepreneurial spirit shortly afterward.

A business agent with a mandate upon payment since 1995, Patrizia took over the brand name of a Bassano real estate agency. She carried on her own business for almost twenty years. She got to know many realities as well as the business and investment world.

In the meantime, she visited art exhibitions, got to know artists, and got closer and closer to the world that had always attracted her. They ask her opinion when buying art lots at auctions, they want her comments on the works... Patrizia finally finds the link between what she loves and what she does. And, when a well-known cultural association offered her a salesperson job, she also found the world she had always belonged to. She thus begins to deal with artists and their audiences with natural enthusiasm and ease.

That is why she firmly believes in this motto and will do everything to make it come true:

Everything that is meant for you finds a way to reach you.

Patrizia Stefani




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