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Mariano dal Forno year 1954, lives and works in his hometown Cellore d'Illasi in the province of Verona.

He attended the artistic high school Boccioni of Verona and graduated in architecture in Venice. Teacher of drawing and history of art. Over the years, different and varied experiences and the influence of tonal Venetian painting have characterized his artistic production, particularly focused on the decomposition and aggregation of forms, through the line with the use of chromatic gradations in light succession from light to darker tones. The technique used is that of tempera colors spread on poplar board. The visual element that unites all the other components is the line, which with different thicknesses circumscribes the various subjects, often inspired by nature and man. His creative journey conceives images that range in a dimension of his own feeling, they become concrete recomposing themselves in structures above all two-dimensional, forming a visual texture that brings as final result the work realized. Dal Forno can boast, in his long artistic career, of numerous national and international exhibitions, he has set up personal and collective exhibitions. Many of his works are published in renowned catalogs accompanied by critical reviews of authoritative personalities including Prof. Sgarbi and Paolo Levi. Appointed president of the Cultural Association Cellarius, he has collaborated with several magazines publishing reviews and articles on art history, doing his best to divulge the works of art present in his territory of origin with conferences and the publication of two books. Paolo Rizzi in 1988 writes about him "... certainly Dal Forno's painting is influenced by his being an architect, in fact the cleanliness of the shapes, the perfect scanning of the spaces, the same precise drafting of color (reminiscent of the colored drawings of John Ruskin) denotes a "professionalism" careful and trained ..." and Prof. Sgarbi: "nothing can be more as it was initially, despite nothing has been canceled or approved to get to the rebirth. Who knows that with his inventions Dal Forno does not aim at what the imaginative Apollinare called quatrième dimension, thus crossing the threshold of infinity".


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