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AlecLab born and raised in Oltrepò Pavese (in the province of Pavia) but incurable traveller, she opened her Alec Voghera atelier as soon as she was of age, where she devoted herself with passion to painting, decoration and each personalisation of ceramics.

Years later, she enriched her experience with decoration and arrangements with plants and artificial flowers. This new activity took her to Europe and North America to research innovative materials.

Around the end of the 1990s, she took a break in search of a new feeling. She abandoned her brushes and everything else and started to travel again, looking for new life for her creativity.

It was Africa that aroused her curiosity, leading her to experience strong emotions in journeys sometimes off the tourist track. This period will give rise to a book of modern fairy tales illustrated with the help of Tommaso, her son, an art director in the advertising sector, with the aim of raising funds for a humanitarian project. The work was awarded a prize in the 'International Michelangelo Buonarroti' competition, 2nd edition, November 2006, Fiction section - Children's books. The project, with the funds raised, was implemented in a village in the Congo to distribute food to children suffering from mal each type of malnutrition.

In 2008 she left for South America and savoured that land of magnetism, vibrations and colours.

Another creative turning point came in 2010, when she began a demanding project to renovate a house and returned to devote herself to mosaics and manipulations of lived-in materials. This experience led to the development of a sort of dialogue with the abandoned objects of the past, which in 2018 led to creative restoration, recovering any object that came into her hands: disused wardrobes, forgotten drawers, demijohns, chests of drawers, stairs, in short, anything that could be found in any cellar of a house, with the aim of giving it back its life, restoring its soul made of colours, fabrics, paints, resin, etc.
Hence the idea of AlecLab to inspire people through its creations to imagine a life that is renewed with joy ... a bit crazy ... but joyful ... without forgetting that we are past, present and future.

Living is a crazy fairy tale... and in this fairy tale of ours we must never stop losing ourselves.


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